Library Services

IIHMR, Bangalore library  provides the following services:

  • News Paper Clippings Service: IHMR-B Library provides email alerts in the field of Health, hospital, HIT, Demography, Management, Health sector to all the library users on a daily basis.IIHMR, Bangalore Library alerts users on a weekly basis regarding List of research articles appeared in journals, edited books, conference, seminars on health Management studies and related disciplines.
  • Reprographic Service:
  1. Photocopy: Photocopies of available literature are provided for academic use. Photocopy in the library that provides the service at @ 1 Rupees per page for A4 size copy.
  2. Printing: Printing facility is available for records searched from the Internet for academic, research purpose only at a nominal cost of @ 1 Rupees per page.  Articles from J-Gate will provide outside scholar s at a nominal cost of @ 5 Rupees per page
  •  Information & Reference Service:

We offer following services in order to meet the information needs:

  1. Reference Assistance: Library provides in-person assistance at a designated Information or reference desk. Providing reference help in the library is often the most effective way of getting your questions answered. Please don’t hesitate to ask the librarian for help in locating materials, using the computerized catalogs and databases, or for information about library services.
  2. Telephone Reference and Electronic Reference services: We answer questions over the telephone and also answer questions submitted through the e-mail. This method is usually best for factual or directory type questions, certain other types of questions may be best answered in person.